Custom Socks

In response to the recent demand by the basketball community for personalised socks, we are excited to offer our full range of elite quality basketball socks with the option of having your team/club logo embroided on the side or back of each sock.


  • Minimum 50 pair order - your logo embrodied on any of our current colour range (refer to website)
  • Minimum 500 pair order - upper section of sock fully customisable. Eg logo positioning, remove lines and pip label, different colour combinations, etc.


There is a one-off payment of $65 for logo template set up

  • Minimum 50 pair order - $15.95 per pair,
  • Minimum 500 pair order - $13.50 per pair.


  • Minimum 50 pair order - 3 weeks delivered
  • Minimum 500 pair order - 8 weeks delivered

How do you get started?

Call Fiona on 0418 571 285 or email We can start the process today. All you need to decide is which colour sock you prefer, and where to position your logo.